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Jill Clayton

~Artistic Director/Choreographer~

Jill Clayton was born with performing in her blood, evidenced by the hundreds of home video tapes in her parents closet. As a very young child she always had a show to put on and her siblings were the cast, crew and audience! Even early in life she could feel that music has a power to lift the soul and feed the spirit, a method of communication that transcends language and goes straight to the heart. Her passion for the performing arts has led to a lifetime of involvement in theatre, band, choir, dance, piano, photography and anything else that fed her creative hunger. She has a Bachelors degree in Psychology and used her time in school to participate in every musical outlet she could find. She has done everything from musicals, to show choirs to choreographing for a traveling dance team. Jill’s artistic work with her college show choir was publicly awarded where she served as president, choreographer and performer. She has participated in multiple productions both on and off the stage and understands the full spectrum of work required to have a great show. Jill believes the arts build self-esteem and help people find inner strength by working hard to create a masterpiece and develop God given talents and gifts. She has seen that manifest in her own life, and has felt the footprint left when spirit and music meet to create something bigger than one’s self. Her greatest claim to fame, however, is being a wife, and a mother to her 5 beautiful children who are following in her footsteps and filling up home video tapes of their own. She is excited to use her passion to uplift and inspire others as she has been, by creating shows and an environment formulated from the heart

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Joseph Haws

~Music Director~

Joseph Haws has been singing in choirs for as long as he can remember. His many years of vocal training and experience have earned him a spot in the distinguished Mid-Columbia Mastersingers for the past 6 years. As much as he loves singing, however, he loves teaching and conducting music even more. Joe has an optimism and a passion that has inspired his choirs and his students over the years to discover their own gifts and to excel in musicality. Joe is self-employed and has a private piano studio, where a third of his students are teenagers. He has also been a registered piano technician/tuner since 2005. Joe earned a Bachelors of Music Degree in Piano Performance from Brigham Young University. He and his wife Adrienne are the parents of 8 girls who have become their own Treble Choir.


Christine Riesenweber


Christine Riesenweber has been teaching and choreographing dance for 18 years in studios, musicals and high school. After graduating with a Dance Performance degree from the University of Central Oklahoma, she performed as an apprentice with a modern dance company, Out on a Limb, and a hip hop, jazz and contemporary company, RACE. Her love of dance led her to teaching dance in public schools for three years before she moved to the Tri-Cities. Christine is the co-founder of the dance studio, Thrive Creative Dance, where she teaches technique classes and creative dance classes to kids ages 3-18. Christine has a passion for helping students reach their full potential and also letting each individual performer find their voice.

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Veronica Klicker

~Bravo! Instructor~

Veronica fell in love with the performing arts during her last year of middle school. She has been hooked ever since, working both on and off the stage. She has participated in several musical productions, and an array of stage plays. Her greatest gift however was meeting her husband during a murder mystery in college where their characters fell in love and they then decided to carry that love off stage. Veronica has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in nursing but seeks a work life balance when volunteering to teach and pass on her love for the theater. Now, Tom and Veronica have two wonderful children who are continuing in their footsteps and cannot get enough of performing.

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Thomas Klicker

~Bravo! Instructor~

Tom started his acting life in Walla Walla in his senior year of high school. After his first play he hit the ground running and auditioned for show after show after show, be it comedies, dramas, and musicals. He even had a stint as the drama club president in college. His favorite thing about theater though is how it changed his life by meeting his wife Veronica on stage! After having two kids together, they still managed to keep doing shows, even if it meant rehearsing with toddlers strapped to their backs. Now that they are old enough to appreciate theater, it has been their goal to do theater as a family. Which also means sharing that love for theater through teaching.

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Jenna Larsen


Jenna Larsen developed a passion for dance, music and theater at an early age. From musicals and choirs, to dance groups and playing the violin, she has a deep love and appreciation for all genres of performing arts. While studying Psychology at Brigham Young University in Provo Utah, she continued to take dance and drama classes. Choreography is one of Jenna’s favorite creative outlets. Teaching others the art of dance has become a way for her to uplift and build confidence in those she is working with. Though she loves all styles of dance, her favorites are Ballroom, Musical Theater, Jazz and Hip-hop. Jenna and her husband Bennett are the parents of four children, whom she shares her joy of music and dance with as often as possible.

Tri-City Youth Choir Board of Directors

Denae Jeppson - President

Scott Sintay - Executive Producer

Carrie Jacks - Treasurer

Jenn Randall - Secretary

Denise Shoemaker - Marketing/Website Coordinator

Stacey Ostler - Building/Scheduling Coordinator

Mary Clifford - Community Liaison

Janna Tippetts - Bravo! Representative