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Benefit Concert and Forte! Show Tickets are available NOw!

If you are unable to attend the Benefit Concert portion of our evening, you are still welcome to participate in our Silent Auction. Doors open at 5:30 pm

Benefit Concert and Silent Auction - May 10

International Opera Star, Rachel Willis-Sorensen has performed lead roles in all the major opera houses around the world. She has been a guest performer in concert halls with the famous orchestras of today, including a performance at Buckingham Palace with the Philharmonic Orchestra for Prince Charles 70th Birthday. Rachel has won numerous prestigious awards and competitions. We are honored to have her come home to do this benefit concert for the TCYC Building Fund. Rachel will be accompanied by world acclaimed pianist Stephen Beus, also a native to the area. With two of the top world musicians, this concert is sure to draw attendees near and far and leave everyone wanting more. Go to or to learn more about these accomplished performers.


Spring Show

It seems we are born with the desire to reach for the impossible. From infancy there is something innate that pushes us to try, to learn, to reach and to keep going. We crawl, we walk, and then we run. Our dreams morph and within a few short years we imagine our future as doctors, firefighters, princesses and superheroes. Truly nothing seems too impossible or too out of reach. Those dreams continue to change as we grow older and sometimes life steals away the brave boldness that we once wore so proudly. It has been said that fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.

Join Forte as we take you through the ups and downs of the dreamers. Follow a graduating high school class through the unabated enthusiasm of youthful dreams, the crushing heartbreak of dreams undiscovered and the strength that is found in learning to get back up and dream again.

Bring your friends, bring your family and make sure to bring that hopeful little child inside of you longing to dream big dreams again.



Tri-City Youth Choir

Music enhances the education of our children by helping them to make a connection and broadening the depth with which they think and feel
— Yo-Yo Ma


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