Audition Announcement regarding Fall 2018 Forte Cast-

A huge thanks to everyone who came out to auditions. It takes a lot of courage to do that and I am proud of every one of you for being brave and doing something scary! If you did not make it in this season please don’t give up. Work hard to improve and try again. Nothing makes me happier than when people work hard and come back better! If you have questions about your audition or would like to know your feedback from the directors please feel free to email me at


Congratulations to our Forte/Treble Forte Fall Cast for 2018!


Forte Fall 2018



Ashley Nelson

Briana Tippetts

Hailey Ostler

Kaitlyn Tippetts

Pyper Gill

Sadie Stevens

Sydney Clifford



Alena Sintay

Ashlyn Jeppson

Faith Larson

Jenna Kreutz

Megan Anderson

Miriam Gearheart

Sandy Montgomery



Ammon Wolfert

Brett  Rasmussen

Ethan Sharp

Jacob Monson

Kaden Beus

Max Stevens

Treven Amidan



Alden Nieman

Gregory Heath

Hyrum Jarvis

Isaac Baugh

Kade Harrison

Parker Randall

Sam Gill


Treble Forte Fall 2018



Adelaide Newbry

Aubrey Larsen

Avenly  Hansen

Brielle Szendre

Lori Brooks

Rachael Ford

Rio MacDonnell

Rylee MacDonnell



Addy Stanfield

Alyssa Jacks

Emma Johnson

Evelyn Kim Melville

Hannah Johnson

Liz Mohlman

Rebekah Harris

Melissa Homer