Announcement regarding Forte-

A HUGE THANK YOU to every single person who came out to audition last night. Putting yourself out there and doing something that is scary is hard for so many of us. I applaud you all for your bravery and willingness to go for it! We had so much wonderful talent walk through the door.  We saw and heard skills on many levels and are excited about the talent that the youth of our community have.

This year is going to be a little different style of dance and song. You probably noticed the dance auditions were a little different than past seasons. As we were auditioning we were looking for kids who fit those roles and style best. If you did not make it this season please COME BACK! Each season will call for a different style and you might be exactly what we need next time! Use this season to polish up on your vocal and performance technique  I would love to talk to anyone who did not make this seasons roster. Each and every one of you had things you did wonderfully, and I have notes and suggestions on things you can work on to be even better for next seasons auditions! If you would like to talk with me please feel free to email me at and I would love to give you the directors’ feedback from your audition. 

So without further ado I am so excited to announce the Spring Forte student list




Katilyn Brooks

Emily Ford

Pyper Gill

Ashlyn Jeppson

Addy   Stanfield

Sadie Stevens

Briana Tippetts

Kaitlyn Tippetts


Megan Anderson

Emma Baugh

Miriam Gearheart

Melissa Homer

Jenna Kreutz

Sandy Montgomery

Ashley Nelson

Alena Sintay





Issac Baugh

Kaden Beus

Nathan Cahoon

Jonas Childers

Fisher Hendrick

Jacob Monson

Ethan Sharp



Gavin Briggs

Kelton Brooks

Dawson Gearheart

Sam Gill

Kade Harrison

Gregory Heath

Alden Nieman


Announcement regarding Treble Forte-

We are so excited for our Treble choir this year! We are changing the dynamic and structure a little from past seasons. We have made it a smaller group where we can really hone in on the talent and performance of this all girl group! It is going to be a fun, high energy, big performance group that has some big powerful numbers in our show this season! We are so excited for the GIRL POWER Forte is going to bring this year. 

We realize that because we have narrowed down the numbers that means we had to turn more girls away. This was so hard and we want you ALL to know how great you did! Please take this season to work on your vocal technique and performance skills. We saw so much potential that is just waiting to burst out with a little more practice and experience.  Come back next season and wow us, we know you have it in you! If any of you would like feedback on your personal auditions please feel free to email me You all had things that you did WONDERFULLY and I also have notes from the directors that might be helpful for your future auditions. 

So with that I present…… drumroll please…….. TREBLE FORTE 2018



Rachael Ford

Rio Mac Donell

Rylee Mac Donell

Liah   Meredith

Hailey Ostler

Abby Withers




Lauren Christensen

Sydney Clifford

Rebekah Harris

Alyssa Jacks

Emma Johnson

Liz Mohlman