Announcing the Fall 2019 Casts

As always, my gratitude goes out to all who come and audition for a TCYC group. Auditions can be scary and intimidating but they also provide such a wonderful opportunity for growth. I hope you all left auditions feeling a little bit braver and proud of yourself for being willing to do something hard. I know my team and I were sure proud of you!

Congratulations to the 2019 Fall groups! It is going to be a great season and we can’t wait to get started!

Jill Clayton ~ TCYC Artistic Director

And now we present the Forte! 2019 Fall Cast of “A Not So Silent Night”

Forte Women (Soprano)

Lori Brooks

Leah Clawson

Rachael Ford

Alyssa Jacks

Rio MacDonnell

Rylee MacDonnell

Hailey Ostler

Brielle Szendre

Briana Tippetts

Forte Women (Alto)

Sydney Clifford

Abigail Haws

Faith Larson

Kenna Lewis

Evelyn Melville

Liz Mohlman

Corinne Tippetts

Forte Men (Tenor)

Kaden Beus

Kaden Burrup

Nathaniel Donigan

Brennan Lewis

Brett Rasmussen

Forte Men (Bass)

Caleb Donigan

Nate Purcell

Parker Randall

Tyson Randall

Ezra Westover

Treble Forte

Daphne Christensen

Ashley Ford

Rebekah Harris

Katherine Hatch

Rochelle Heath

Merian Johnson

Elena Kleinman

Emily Mitchell

Saoirse Stoker

Abigail Withers