Help us Find a Venue for Fall 2019

christmas nativity 2018.jpg

A well-intentioned auditorium manager, recently suggested, “Why don’t you move your fall performance to January? That would solve your recurring obstacle of finding a performance venue.”

Feeling that phone call was our last hope, I entertained the idea for about 20 seconds. Then the mission of TCYC set in – the Tri-City Youth Choir will bring hope to the community through performances created to uplift and inspire. “How could we switch to January when Christ is the source of hope for which we sing? How can we not celebrate He came and declare that He lives through song and dance at Christmas? We can’t give that up!” I reasoned. “We absolutely can’t!”, said, TCYC President, Denae Jeppson.

And so our search for a performance venue goes on. With Richland and Kennewick Auditoriums under construction and Chief Jo out of commission, we have exhausted the possibility of every local school district and every large church auditorium we can think of. It seems we’re out of options. Still we press forward, knowing 34 talented, devoted teenagers have a show that must go on with gratitude for a challenge that indicates so many feel the same way we do.

If you have leads to a performance venue for the forte! Christmas Show, please send correspondence to Your help is much appreciated! Thank you!

TCYC Mission Statement

The mission of the Tri-City Youth Choir (TCYC) is to provide a wholesome refuge for youth to develop and excel in their musical talents and enhance the choral arts locally; a place where God and the arts coexist, where youth realize the source of their gifts and their responsibility to share them with others.  As ambassadors for all that is good, the Tri-City Youth Choir will bring hope to the community through song and performances created to uplift and inspire.

Denise Shoemaker