TCYC Choreographer Position Available

Forte Show Choir Choreographer

Job Duties

  • Work under the direction of the Artistic Director who has the final voice on all show decisions

  • Attend auditions to judge the dance portion and help select qualified cast members.

  • Meet with the Artistic Director prior to each season to learn about the show theme and vision and start brainstorming ideas

  • Attend production meetings to share ideas for set design, effects, or wardrobe

  • Create original wholesome choreography and formations, then teach it to teens at a level that challenges them but allows for quality singing and polish in time for the show.

  • Avoid choreography that is suggestive or vulgar in nature.

  • Attend rehearsal times as scheduled sometime 6-9pm Thursday nights or sometime between 9am – 12pm Saturday mornings as coordinated with the other choreographer and the Artistic Director.

  • Come prepared with dance steps and formations written in music score or on paper for reference to keep rehearsal moving at a fast pace. But also be prepared for flexibility

  • Assure teens have warmed up appropriately before dancing begins

  • Teach the steps to Forte students in a timely manner

  • Demonstrates routines by performing the dances. Help dancers perfect movement, technique, timing and placement.

  • Create a teaching tool to assist you in gaining their focus, an attention getter like clapping a pattern for them to repeat, etc.

  • Work with other choreographer and artistic director to create a behavior management plan or carry out the current one


  • Ability to relate to and work well with teenagers

  • Ability to teach to a variety of skill levels

  • Demonstrate professional behavior and respect for others at all times

  • Experienced Dancer

  • Creative choreographer

  • Patient Teacher

  • Clear Communicator

  • Ability to be flexible with choreography  as changes are needed

  • Ability to visualize stage pictures and movement

  • Work collaboratively with production team

  • Empower and motivate cast to perform to the best of their abilities

  • Set an example of professional behavior in rehearsal and performance that teaches harmonious relationships and teamwork, centered on the purpose of creating a successful show

Kennewick, Wa.


Salary: $2,500.00 to $3,500.00 /year

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