Auditions for the Fall 2018 Season will be held on May 17th and 18th

at Carmichael Middle School, 620 Thayer Drive, Richland, WA

Please follow the directions below to sign up and save your spot

Age Eligibility

Those who wish to audition must have turned 14 by September 30, 2018

pre-audition forms

Please make sure that Forte is a good fit for your family before auditioning. Learn more about this great group by reading these pages. A signature on the parent/student expectations will be necessary before auditioning.

Now that you know more about Forte, you can sign up to audition by filling out these two forms!

We can't wait to meet you and see you shine!

Please print the parent/ student expectations, sign it and bring it with you to your audition.

Audition details

The audition will be made up of three different scores totaling 100 possible points.

The breakdown is as follows:


Vocal - 40 points

Performance- 30 points

Dance- 30 points


1. vocal audition (40 points)

  1. Prepare 1-2 minutes of a song from a movie, musical, a tasteful popular song, or a hymn that is in your comfortable range and demonstrates your vocal ability. (No more than two minutes, please. Don’t be offended if we ask you to end your song before you are finished because we can often quickly determine the score for that portion of the audition.) All lyrics must be “family friendly” and rated “G”. It is preferred that your song be memorized and you sing with a music track. (Accompanying yourself takes the focus away from your vocal ability and showmanship and is strongly discouraged.) For your track, please purchase, download, and bring your own track on an ipod, phone or MP3 player to play during the audition. Many tracks are available in transposable keys at:
  2. Demonstrate part learning skills by listening. The auditioner will play a melody on a piano/keyboard in two or three different vocal ranges. The auditionee will sing the melody (on a neutral syllable, like “la”). This step will also help the directors assess the vocal range for the auditionee.

  3. Prepare and be ready to sing a Major Scale (on a neutral syllable, like “la”).

  4. Sight read at the audition an eight measure melody that will include the following:

  • Rhythm: half-notes, quarter-notes, and eighth-notes. A portion of the melody will include syncopation.

  • Melody: Step-wise and skips no larger than a 4th.

   5.  Count out loud using the counting syllable system of your choice the rhythm of the sight-             reading melody. (example: 1-and 2-and 3-and 4 etc).


  • Tone production (quality of voice)

  • Accuracy of pitch and rhythm

  • Intonation (singing “in tune”, good tonality)

  • Preparation- How prepared you are for the audition? Music memorized?

  • Sight-reading skills (reading music that may or may not be known  – accuracy of        singing notes and rhythms of songs that are not prepared ahead of time)

  • Major Scale (to be able to sing a scale with good pitch/intonation – either reading the    notes or by ear)



Come ready to give us a performance! We want to see your personality shine through your song. Your performance score will make up 30% of your final audition score. 

Areas of evaluation (There will be six points possible for each area) 

  1. Confidence
  • Speak loud and clear

  • Make eye contact

  • If you make a mistake don’t stop, own it and finish your performance!

   2.  Ability to communicate the songs message with an audience

  • What is the story you are trying to tell with your song?
  • Is it happy, sad, angry, empowering?

  • Make the judges feel something with your performance. 

   3. Posture and stance

  • Do your body movements enhance or detract from your performance?

   4. Facial expression

   5. Overall stage presence 


3.  Dance audition (30 Points)

  1. Wear character shoes or jazz shoes if you have them. If not, wear comfortable sneakers

  2. You can expect to learn a short dance combination with a small group. Then you will “perform” the routine you learned.


  • Coordination

  • Accuracy

  • Showmanship 

  • Teachability* 

  • How quickly you learn

  • Good Attitude*

*We are looking for a willingness and enthusiasm to learn as well as a great attitude even if dancing has not always been your thing.

Once you are accepted into Forte, please fill out the Parent Help form below.