TCYC Mission Statement

The mission of the Tri-City Youth Choir (TCYC) is to provide a wholesome refuge for youth to develop and excel in their musical talents and enhance the choral arts locally; a place where God and the arts coexist, where youth realize the source of their gifts and their responsibility to share them with others.  As ambassadors for all that is good, the Tri City Youth Choir will bring hope to the community through song and performances created to uplift and inspire.

Forte! and Treble Forte!


Forte! and Treble Forte! (all-girl) is an audition-only show choir for high school students (grades 9-12) with a repertoire that includes choreographed music from a wide variety of genres. It is our mission to uplift, inspire and entertain our community through music and dance. A dedicated Board of Directors provides administrative and production assistance to the artistic director and choreographer. Forte! and Treble Forte! offers an excellent, uplifting environment where youth can have fun while striving for musical excellence.

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BRAVO! Performance Classes

The Tri-City Youth Choir offers Bravo! performance skills classes for children ages 6-8, 9-10 and 11-14. This is a 1 1/2 hour exploratory class that touches on aspects of vocal, dance and performance weekly. Principles are taught with the use of interactive games, instruction and singing. They include but not be limited to the following:

Music notation - Sight singing- pitch & rhythm, singing in tune, proper breathing & posture, sound placement & mouth shape, dynamics, clear, full singing

Dance - Become comfortable moving the body in new ways, explore different rhythms and movement, gain confidence dancing in front of others, learn how to dance and sing simultaneously, learn basic dance steps

Performance - Develop characters, tell a story through movement & expression, improvisation

BRAVO! Summer Camps

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Bravo! Summer Performance Camp

Classes are supported by a team of trained staff a well as volunteer support from Forte! and Treble Forte! cast members who love to share insights and their love of music and dance. It’s great for kids of all ages.

I wanted to be part of something where I knew it would require me to reach out to others using my talents. What I got by joining forte! Show Choir was so much more than that. I now have another family.

Forte! 2019 Spring Show Cast

2019 Spring Season Forte! Cast

2019 Spring Season Forte! Cast

2019 Spring Season Treble Forte! Cast

2019 Spring Season Treble Forte! Cast

You make really good friends that are awesome! I get to sing and dance at the same time which is what I love! It is worth all the effort! ~ Rio MacDonnell - Treble Forte!