Audition Results

Thank you to all those who auditioned for forte!

Great auditions! We’re going to have a great Fall TCYC 2017 season! We have two very strong groups and I expect that both will be challenging and fun.
Here are TCYC’s Forte and Treble Forte groups….drum roll….


Isaac Baugh
Kaden Beus
Gavin Briggs
Cole Brooks
Kelton Brooks
Nathan Cahoon
Jonas Childers
Dawson Gearheart
Sam Gill
Kade Harrison
Gregory Heath
Fisher Hedrick
Gabriel Larson
Justin Naef
Alden Nieman
Ethan Sharp

Megan Anderson
Emma Baugh
Paetyn Beus
Katylin Brooks
Emily Ford
Miriam Gearheart
Pyper Gill
Ashlyn Jeppson
Jenna Kreutz
Sandy Montgomery
Ashley Nelson
Alena Sintay
Sadie Stevens
Briana Tippetts
Kaitlyn Tippetts
Elida Wadsworth

There are also two alternates who will be announced as needed.

Treble Forte

Maika Becker
Teigan Belliston
Michelle Bolling
Lorene Brooks
Autumn Cameron
Alexis Carey
Jaiden Doyle
Rachael Ford
Rebekah Harris
Emma Hoover
Alyssa Jacks
Emma Johnson
Hannah Johnson
Merian Johnson
Aubrey Larsen
Faith Larson
Danielle Law
Rio MacDonnell
Rylee MacDonnell
Lizzy Mohlman
Adelaide Newbry
Hailey Ostler
Larissa Peterson
Addy Stanfield
Kate Stoker
Amy Walker
Allison Wuerch

Welcome aboard! Rehearsals start the last week in August, including an important parent meeting. So watch the forte members facebook page and other communication. It’s going to be a GREAT season! Use the summer to wisely build your strength and endurance vocally and physically–we’re going places!

Mariann Adams
Artistic Director